The Team

Miles Duffield


@GMMiles is the Founder and CEO of Geeks4Good, Inc. Miles is a mountain boy sleeping in the city, and living in his dream.  Trained as an Actor/Stuntman at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Miles came up with the idea for Geeks4Good while acting at Urbanite Theatre in Sarasota Florida.  Feeling like doing all he could in the acting world wasn’t enough, he set off on his own to make the company he dreamed of, but wasn’t sure could happen.  Less than a year later, here we are!  Miles could not be happier using his 13 years of experience designing, running, and playing games to be doing good in the Thornwood Way!  Eulalia!

Leah Faye Caddigan


@BossWitchLeFaye is a Producer of Geeks4Good, Inc. When she’s not reigning chaos upon the world you can spot her as her alter-ego Leah Faye Caddigan, directing and producing in NYC. Check out her work at or follow her on instagram @BossWitchLeFaye.

Steven Kopp


Steven Kopp (CFO, Geeks4Good / Co-Founder, Steven Kopp Productions) is a Freelance Theatrical Director & Producer based in NYC.  He joined the Geeks4Good team as a way to feed his inner (and outer) nerd while also contributing to a good cause.  Aside from the producing and directing theatrical work, Steven is interested in anything and everything innovative between tech, gaming, and audience based experiences.  Operations Manager for a Software Development Company by day, Freelancer by night.  Other nerd hobbies include but are not limited to: Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Switch, Comics, and D&D.

Charis Beth Swartley


@theswartler is a Producer and the Social Media Manager of Geeks4Good, Inc. Charis is a Brooklyn-based actor and RPG enthusiast. Her love of gaming, acting, and dragons brought her to Thornwood, where she played in Geeks4Good’s inaugural season and continues to deepen her roots. When she’s not madly writing a “Notice me, senpai!” tweet to Matt Mercer on behalf of G4G, Charis can be found playing Stardew Valley, rehearsing her Shakespeare, or loving her precious cat. Follow her at @theswartler on Twitter and Instagram.

Ivy Tinker


@itinkerbell115 is a Producer and the Graphic Designer of Geeks4Good, Inc. Ivy Tinker is a long time lover of video games, from the days of watching her brothers play Halo until she finally picked up a controller herself. Favorite games include The Last of Us, Tales of the Abyss, Majora’s Mask, and every Pokemon game (and yes, she has caught all 802 Pokemon- get on my level Ash Ketchum). She also has a BFA in acting from NYU, and is a graphic designer in her spare time. You can find her on Twitter (@Ivy_Tinker) and Instagram (@ivy_tinkerbell).

Helena Anderson


@themagicllama is the Video Content Editor of Geeks4Good, Inc. Helena Anderson is a NY-based actor and teacher. She studied at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, The Experimental Theatre Wing, and Stonestreet Film Studios at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. She also studied in London, England at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Guildhall School of Music & Drama. She lives in Brooklyn in the middle of a cemetery, and is striving to perfect the art of cooking juevos rancheros. You can check out her current projects at her website If you want to see her play tabletop RPGs, tune in at on Thursdays for Guardians of Kioku and on Sunday for Starfinder. She’d love to see you there!

Adam Stasiw


@AdamAdventures is the Video Game Content Showrunner of Geeks4Good, Inc. Adam is an actor, singer, dancer, and scientist with a huge passion for games. At Thornwood, he plays in several streams, leads players through his world of Mist Walkers, and maintains the website and the ThornwoodPhantom Twitch bot. Learn more at, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram @adamstasiw.